Why Use Farmex?

The main purpose of FARMEX is to give buyers and sellers in the agricultural industry an alternative option to current marketing instruments.

FARMEX is a 'direct marketing' instrument.

By using the FARMEX web-based marketing platform, you (the buyer or seller) are cutting out agents, and taking total control over the price negotiation process of buying and selling transactions.

FARMEX is the first and only basis trading instrument, for physical farm produce, in South Africa!

FARMEX can also facilitate the transport process of your transactions; thus, giving you (the seller) the opportunity to deliver your produce on the buyer's doorstep and determining transport cost effectively.

Buyers, who have goods to be transported, can list transport tenders on FARMEX, giving transport providers the opportunity to submit quotes on these tenders.

FARMEX only charge a small administration fee (1.5% of contract price) on successful transactions.

This makes FARMEX a very cost effective instrument to market your farm produce.